Excerpt from Gilday’s Comprehensive Geography, the standard reference text on the subject

Ahris is a continent of unknown size, beginning some 3000 miles to the west of the Realm’s shores. Of diverse topography, climate, and landforms, it is the home to several colonies, founded under the enlightened guidance of Regent Bergore and promoted by the benevolent rule of King Gudrow and the Executive Council. The oldest colonies are over 200 years old, and the latest royal charter was settled just under 70 years ago. The late war with Andraschach inhibited the Realm’s ability to manage the colonies for the better part of 50 years, and post-war efforts to bring stable government back to Ahris’ distant shores are ongoing.

Ahris is a homebrew campaign using the Fantasy Age rules. Set in a rare-magic analogue of the American colonies in the decade before the American War for Independence, the PCs operate in a frontier province where the people have had to rely on themselves and each other, rather than the Elven oligarchs, for decades.

We completed what is now Part 2 of this campaign in March 2017, ending with a full rebellion being ignited in the colony of Berenwoon, and the first victories for the rebellion achieved there. I have also determined that the Fantasy AGE system, while simple to learn, has serious weaknesses in the area of magic, monsters, and combat encounters, and that if I run stories in Ahris in the future I’ll have to find another system. You can read my review of the system on EN World (near the bottom, under username lyle.spade). I think I might go back to 5e, albeit using the classes and some of the new rules in the excellent Adventures in Middle Earth Player’s Guide. We’ll see.


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