The War

Let’s put ideas here about the broad brushstrokes and details of the war. Unless otherwise indicated, everything is in flux.

Pretty Much Carved in Stone at this Point

  • The war was against the drow, whether they’re called drow or not, and was fought on the other continent. If Ahris is eastern North America, the Old Realm would be France/Western Europe, and the drow would have come from Russia – that’s just for the sake of conceptual reference
  • The war ended only a few years ago, and lasted for over a century.
  • The PCs saw no action in this war, nor did they see or experience any of the war – it was an away game, and while the colonies were impacted by it, that impact was indirect. This is important to me because I want the affairs of the Old Realm to be distant from the PCs and their story – if the elves ever flex their muscle and the PCs stand up to them, the utterly foreign nature of all that Old Realm stuff will be an important theme….“why are you even here trying to run our business? What do your affairs over there have to do with us?”
  • The distance, by sea, between Ahris and the Old Realm is about 2 months, thus insulating Ahris from the war.
  • Part of my original idea for the war was that the elves’ enemy was nastier than they are. The elves aren’t really nasty at all – they just do things their way and leave no room for the ways of others. If you like their closed racial oligarchy, great; if not, screw you. Their enemy, however, really is nasty – and not some group to which anyone could turn for help against the elves. I like the idea of “the enemy of my enemy is…so bad as to make my enemy look okay and give me pause…” It complicates the story in a good way by adding a shade of grey.


  • The Old Realm doesn’t have to be a huge, single continent. There could be large inland seas and other waterways that divide that land into pieces. I don’t know. Shipping to Ahris could have been stalled or severely limited during the war because it might have had a naval component.
  • I refer to the war as being with “Andraschach” on the campaign’s front page. I’m not wedded to that, but whatever the name is, it’s the generally-used name for the drow realm.
  • I see the drow as fighting the war on arcane and clandestine fronts, with large battles involving them being rare. I do see them as having allied races and groups that did fight large, conventional battles with the elves, or more probably with the elves’ client races, with the elves running the battles.
  • The elves won the war, but at great cost. I don’t know what that cost is, aside from it being significant. I don’t see it as hobbling their society or government, but they definitely need to rebuild and recoup.

The War

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