The Colonies of Ahris

Anloterra – Immediately south of Lineon and along the coast, this peninsula is the smallest of the provinces is hemmed in on the west by Founders’ Bay and connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land that is sometimes flooded in during the Fall storm season. It is a major fishery, is home to large shipbuilding facilities, and is also home to one of the three largest dwarf enclaves in Ahris.

Lineon – The northernmost of the provinces, it has grown rapidly over the last two centuries due to its natural resources, temperate climate east of the Tyragh River, and long coastline with many navigable inlets. Its capitol, Marstabashan, has grown to be the largest city in the colonies, larger even than that New Orwell, the original city in the original province.

New Orwell – The first province settled by explorers from the Realm about three centuries ago, it is centrally-located along the coast of Ahris, south of Lineon and Anloterra, and north of Shinjan.

Prawthlesst – South of New Orwell, this province is known for its agriculture and mining.

Shinjan- South of Prawthlesst, this province has large agricultural interests and some shipping, along with a great deal of unsettled western land. Shinjan is also the southernmost province.

Teyess Minsha – An island off the coast of New Orwell, it was settled later than the first province and was organized under a separate Moizhian. It is know for its fisheries, cane groves, and hot, swampy climate.

Berenwoon – The only land-locked province, has access to the sea by way of river and bay. Situated west of Prawthlesst, it is mostly mountainous and produces the largest share of Ahrisian mineral wealth. It is cleanly separated from New Orwell, to the NE, and Prawthlesst, to the E and SE, by river and mountains.

The Colonies of Ahris

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