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Bawgbottoms: Teamsters’ guild that operates mostly in the province of Lineon. It was founded by dwarves but has several key stockholders of other races – pretty typical Ahrisian commercial arrangement, made up of different folks working to make some money and help their communities.

The Elven Language is very soft, lacking most hard sounds. To an elf, aspirated sounds, hard R’s, and other harsh-sounding speech is vulgar. Elven has a few honorific levels, and the more refined the occasion and speaker(s) the softer and more nuanced the pronunciation becomes, to the point that the most elegant-sounding Elvish, to an elf, sounds more like a series of barely-changing tones and light sounds than it does individual words. Elves with softer-sounding family names form most of the social aristocracy, and tend to monopolize the higher levels of government, as well.

Fatheyreen: The traditional history of the Elven people, part history, part guidebook for life, part philosophy. Among other things, in it is found the explanation of why only Elves (and dwarves) have spell magic, and how the younger races cannot harness this power.

The Grik’arty are a savage race that exists at the tribal level and inhabited wide swaths of Ahris before Elven conquest a few centuries ago. They are generally nomadic, and their population was never that high, and so when the colonies were settled and began to grow they were easily – although not bloodlessly – displaced to the west, where they still live. Frontier settlements still suffer from raids and violent interactions with them, although in some areas trade has brought a greater level of peace than in others. They do not favor cold climates much, and so there were never that many in Lineon, and they typically migrated south during winter. There are pockets of them in rural areas in every colony, with numbers increasing in the more remote areas and farther west.

Lothay: Elven term for the High Elves.

Mischling: derogatory term used in reference to half-elves, almost exclusively used by elves, and rare outside the Old Realm and the highest levels of elven society in the colonies It is a term used by polished parlor racists and only sometimes by other races. Occasionally used by less refined half-elves as an insult or slight to another of their kind. Half-elves result from one of two circumstances: they are born to half-elf and/or human parents, as elven blood is strong and as such half-elves have become their own race and ‘breed true.’ They can also result from the union of an elf and a human. This latter type is more rare than the other, and the one that, from the elven perspective, is far more objectionable.

River Bottom Boys: A gang of bandits that plagues the countryside in the vicinity of Renlen, Indoschan, and Derryn, east of the Sconays and west of the Tyragh River.

Scheef: Elven term for internal security forces, a combination of military and investigative personnel, used to enforce Elven law.

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