Core Assumptions

Ahris is a series of colonies, with only a few larger cities, all of which are situated along the eastern coast of a large, mostly unexplored, continent. Typical assumptions about being able to buy magic items or cash out high-end loot in any town do not apply, as most of the colonies are closer to frontiers than settled areas. Think the American colonies before the War for Independence in terms of how widely spaced people are, how much they have to depend on themselves and small groups, and how, overall, rough & tumble it was outside the few cities.

It’s known, it’s been experienced by many, but it’s unique to the elves and dwarves only – the long-lived races. Beyond that, dwarves tend to focus on magic’s relationship to the forge, to mining, and the creation of things. Elves harness it for its full breadth and depth.

Elves and dwarves use different approaches to wield Schor, raw, primordial energy. Elves use their affinities for the natural world and knowledge to shape this raw power into Sheenryla: nuanced, powerful, and often beautiful spell magic. They are able to create from the core elements of existence, or so they believe, much in the manner of the Creation itself.

Dwarves take a different route, using their knowledge and skill to imbue physical items with Adreleth, enchanting and empowering items with incredible powers.

Core Assumptions

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