Characters & Setting

All of your are from Lineon, the northwestern province of Ahris, in some way or another. The Warlock is the least rooted there, but has spent all his time there since coming off the boat from the Old Realm not too long ago. Marstabashan in the provincial capitol, and a major seaport, and that’s where he landed before heading west on land.

Marstabashan is about two weeks’ travel by road, of which the first week is pretty rough, as Renlen is way out west. There is a major river separating the eastern, coastal portion of the province from the western half, where Renlen is situated. This river, the Tyragh (TEE-rog) is wide, fast, and cold, coming down from the northern mountains that form the limits of the colonies. The land, overall, is forested and hilly, with natural meadows common enough to make small to medium-sized farming possible with some extra clearing. There are also a number of smaller rivers and lakes west of the Tyragh. Finally, the terrain west of the river slowly rises in elevation to the NW, ending in the foothills of the Sconay Range.

I’ll add some secrets for each of you, and based on this information and, if you want, those too, respond and expand on your backgrounds and why you were in Renlen, and the general area, below.

Renlen's Problem
"That caravan's more than just furs and oak, you know..."

Dahr Morleigh had just about run out of options by the time the friendly, oddly-forthright dwarf marched through his office door, offering the solution he needed. Late Fall was a precarious time for the town, with so much commercial activity and profit hanging in the balance during a relatively short period of time. Trade had to take place during this window if people, in both Renlen and the surrounding hamlets and farmsteds, were to get the supplies they needed for the coming winter, which by all accounts was likely to be a harsh one. The missing caravans – 3 of them! – represented a sizable blow to those efforts.

Morleigh recognized the dwarf as a cleric of Aiomaedyn, and by the symbols he wore he might well be the genuine article – with powers provided by his deity. Morleigh had seen a few of those over the years and he still had to pinch himself sometimes as a reminder that this was real and that he truly lived in interesting times. The Academy had taught him all the finer skills of management and law, and drilled into him a healthy respect for process, structure, and tradition. And yet like most boys he imagined excitement and the unexpected, while also dreading it as a challenge to the stability that the Realm worked so hard to maintain.

And yet here it was: change and the potential for chaos it brought. He shook the thought away as the dwarf presented his idea. His two half-elf companions were mostly silent. The Dahr knew of Kit, a local Warden and guide, but he’d never seen the other half-elf before.

After some discussion, the Dahr decided to support the three as best he could.

“I can supply you with a wagon, two horses, and two men to accompany you. Find out what’s happened, where those shipments are, and the status of Amaschat, as well.” After a brief pause to let his words sink in, he added, “a grateful town and a reward from the merchants’ guild will await your successful return.”

Cultural note: it’s considered very bad form to negotiate or even ask about what is probably a monetary reward. A “grateful town” typically means a potluck-like collection of goods and services provided by prominent members of a given community, such as free lodging at an inn for a certain period of time, the store providing additional provisions free of charge, and other rewards. Given that most rural communities are relatively cash-poor, the provision of goods & services as rewards is common. However, Morleigh’s mention of a reward implies actual money, too.

I’d like to start next session at least on the road to the pass, if not farther along. Don’t worry about listing provisions – you’re being supplied with enough for a week for all five of the party, and that’s all packed in the wagon. There isn’t much else around in terms of esoteric stuff – healing potions aren’t available, for example – so only bother listing something if it’s unusual.

Otherwise use this post to plan, ask questions, and get things rolling.


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