General Scospora Målscorerne

Border Commander, recognized for his brutal and severe discipline


General Scospora Målscorerne, nicknamed the Sconay, was the commander that brought the threats to the colonies to heel. For his fierce leadership, the Sconay Mountains were named in his honor.


Eager to lead his troops into battle, he had distinguished himself on many a field in the old Realm as a leader of smaller formations, mostly of countrymen of his from a remote province. “A lion, not a fox,” as one fellow officer called him, his bravery led to near-fatal wounds that impaired him into retirement. Off the field, by contrast, he was personally shy, and had a diffident manner which astounded those who knew only of his repute in war. With the colonies feeling weak, and faced with powerful enemies who occupied large stretches of the land he was placed in charge of the Colonial Armies. He was the youngest commanding general in history, but the hope was that his aggressive nature would turn the tide. The enemies the colonies were facing were savage and more barbaric than they had expected, not to mention they were fighting for their lands. Self-trained as a soldier but an avid student of tactics, he had been forced to become a master of guerrilla warfare. While secretly he yearned for a great climactic set piece battle, his patience and iron will prevented him from such a foolish mistake, and instead General Målscorerne channeled his intellect into developing unorthodox and asymmetrical tactics to counter the enemy’s military might. In particular, he pushed his men into doing things thought impossible, like maneuvering through purportedly impenetrable swamps and mountain ranges. His only weaknesses were off of the battlefield; he was ruthlessly authoritarian if in charge of civilians, and his love for the ladies offended the rigid moralists of his culture.

General Scospora Målscorerne

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