The rains came, and exposed....

something unexpected

“Durston said the Scouts confirmed it – that old tree on the north side of the pass is still there, but all the earth and rock under it’s been washed away, along with some of the trail itself. He said they could see through the old roots and there’s something like a tunnel. I heard someone else say it was stone-lined, not cave rock,” explained Erich to the group gathered in the guild hall. He’d just returned from Wynshern where he’d been conducting business on behalf of the family for a few days, and had cut short his trip to bring back the latest news.

“You’re sure it’s on the road to Ablen?” asked one of the managers.

“Yes, for certain – I overheard everything they said, and how they made their way through the roots and partially into the tunnel, which looked to pass directly through the steepside along the pass – you know, that rough cliff with the lateral crack about 100 feet up? That one,” confirmed Erich.

“And what of the other side?” asked the same woman.

“After some walk through the mountain…Aa valley – never before seen,” he answered, letting the words hang in the air as he smiled, excited by the news he’d brought.



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