Riding the Storm Out

a harsh winter storm slams the region

The day after the caravan’s return to town a short ceremony is held to mark the work and sacrifices of those who were involved. Dahr Morleigh gives a short speech, eulogizes the dead, and formally adds the names and deeds of the crew to Renlen’s official ledger. For the leaders of the expedition a reception and feast are held that night at his personal residence, and prominent citizens shower the men in thanks, praise, and in some cases gifts. All are put up at the Last Bastion, the nicest inn in town, for the night, and given good food and all the fine treatment and services available there.

The next day dawns slowly, with heavy clouds obscuring the sun for most of the day, and bringing with them a steady snow, which lasts for three days. By the time it abates the town is blanketed in a solid coat of white and the Sconay Peaks are covered entirely in heavy snow. On the fifth day the sun shines through clearly for the first time over the winter landscape, giving only slight warmth through the crisp, dry winter air. The temperature is about 20 degrees lower than it had been only two weeks before, and it’s obvious to everyone that winter has set in.

Based on conversations at the ceremony and reception, and general knowledge of the town and region, the following issues are known:

  • There is concern over the ‘Frost Men’ and what threat they might present, and this is more pressing than the Wolfen, as it is likely that the snows will keep them away until Spring. Given the lack of knowledge of the ways of the Frost Men, it’s unknown as to whether or not they’ll come down into the lower elevations, where some farms and a mill sit, because of the snows. No one knows, although there are plenty of old rumors now given life by proof of their existence. How this will be handled – passively or actively – is also up for debate, with some arguing for further, strong reconnaissance of the mountains to varying degrees to test their plans and resolve. And while most people accept the Frost Men as a real threat or at least a challenge, there is definitely some skepticism – expressed respectfully – over their magical left eye snow blast. C’mon…maybe it was just a some trick, right? Surely. The yeti they can accept more easily than a magical eye blaster.
  • The Wolfen threat is virtually unknowable at this point, since all that is clear is that Amaschat has been burned, and that they are violent and at least somewhat intelligent. And, they are hopefully stuck on the other side of the mountains for Winter. But what if they decide to come over the pass? What if their mounts and motivation carry them south? Some people are more concerned about this boogie man than the more concrete Frost Men.
  • News from the east of the river – that is, from the more developed side of Lineon – is varied and provokes different responses. First, word is that Moizhian Ethrey, the colony’s leader, is back from the Old Realm after being there for several months. She recently presided over a large ceremony confirming the Realm’s victory in its long war and with that great achievement a ‘New Age of colonial development,’ soon to commence. She is generally respected by the socio-political establishment, and known for her firm, dispassionate leadership – very Elven. One thing definite that was announced is an upcoming tour of her chief lieutenants throughout Lineon, meeting with the various Dahrs here and there – sounds like an inspection tour to some, or a chance to show off for the locals to the higher-ups. Word is that the tour will start next Spring, as things slow down a lot during Winter.
  • A few land owners who control a number of farms outside of town complain about bandit activity, attributed to the ‘River Bottom Boys,’ a group of highwaymen who have hit travelers and remote homes and farms for the last year or so. They’ve also created similar problems for the (smaller) towns of Indoschan (south) and Derryn (east).


A thought. At least for Ezra and myself.
Turn in our resignation to the Guild amd put down some roots here. Build a home for us 4 like “The Adventurers Bunk House”.
This will give us a place to live out the winter. And give access to going after the river bottom boys. Then see what happens in the spring when the Elves assert themselves.

Riding the Storm Out

Resigning from the Guild is no big deal, since things slow down in Winter, anyway. You’re both in good standing, and given the circumstances no one would hold it against you. As for laying down some roots and building, that’s entirely possible. I’ll work up some possibilities based on what you folks want, and obviously if you want to do it at all.

Riding the Storm Out

I was envisioning a common room with 4 small bunk rooms and a kitchen.
A BIG hearth for those winter nights in the common room. I have 2 trophies to hang already.
I would imagine some of the town folks would help with building as it would keep the “experts” of the Wolfin and Blue Mountain Men close at hand.
And well… Very Amish.

Riding the Storm Out

Finding a house to rent is no big deal, and rental plus upkeep plus food and whatnot for all of you together will cost 120gp/month at the ‘modest’ level of living, or twice that for ‘comfortable’ living. That’s per the PHB. Building a house in winter is almost impossible due to the frozen ground and difficulty felling almost frozen trees.

You could negotiate with a landlord, perhaps. Think on it.

Riding the Storm Out

It should be pretty easy… With the hunting skills of our ranger, we can pick up an axe or 4 with shovels etc to begin excavation.
We just need to get a plot of land. How much would it be to buy that plot? Coupled with some hearty tents we can survive winter easily enough. It may suck for a while but we could call it home.
This is of course the rest of the crew agrees to it.
But how much is it to buy the land?

Riding the Storm Out

I don’t want to get all kinds of Kingmakery here, with a heap of crunchy details about the price of this project and that. The PHB lists living expenses at a per-day rate, and to live “modestly” will cost each of you 1gp/day, or 2/day to be “comfortable.” That includes housing, food, equipment upkeep, and incidentals. I don’t want to have to create details that go deeper than that.

Also, stopping to build a house would take all of you off the adventuring trail for several weeks, if not more. Let the rest of the party weigh in before you get too far into the plan.

Riding the Storm Out

Ezra sees the excitement in Morgren’s plans, but also has not decided if he has stopped moving as of yet. “You know, the warehouse has about as much room as what you’re talking about what with the caravan trouble, and it the whole thing is enclosed due to the weather. We could probably setup in there for a pittance of the cost if anything at all, and whether we took it for the winter or for less time, I think Lou the Warehouse Manager wouldn’t mind.”

Riding the Storm Out

“I’m not afraid to brave the cold winter nights. Not 2 years past in the campaign of markhaven 500 of us laid on bare ground in our tents.
I’m not suggesting to retire and live off of one adventure. I have many more horns to collect in my time before I take my place at my ancestors side.

However a lodge of sturdy construction within a few miles of town between adventures would do us all good. A retreat if you will.

Unclaimed land is cheap, our experience with the threat on the other side of the mountain and what lives on it would help generate good will with these folks. No one else need share it. And you, my friend Ezra, would have a place to call home.
What are your thoughts Kit?

Riding the Storm Out

Kit wintered his first here in the warehouse and enjoyed the free rent in exchange for grooming and feeding horses, gathering wood, foraging game, and helping clear heavy snow from roofs to prevent collapse. These odds and ends were interspersed between assisting with guard duties. In doors by necessity only is Kit’s ranger motto. He’s not opposed to owning a place to winter, but it’s not high on his priority list yet.

ASAP, Kit wants to do some recon on the Soggy Bottom Boys. That’s kinda one of his job duties.

The other thing he wants to take care of is securing an income for Timnil’s widow and child. Will the town take care of her until she can get her feet under her?

Riding the Storm Out

The Guild will pay her his salary for the winter and a prominent local merchant and board member of the Guild, Gulow Davies, has offered to assist in the vocational training of the children (there are two). She has a modest home and works some herself, and these things together will definitely get her through winter, thus providing her with time to get her feet on the ground and find a new direction. Additionally, it’s not at all uncommon for widows to remarry rather soon. Given the nature of the frontier, there’s a reliable supply of young, single men and slightly older widows. With the help in the short term and the promise of longer-term assistance with the kids – which the dad would have trained – she’ll be okay. You can definitely help her with little things in the immediate future, though.

The warehouse is available, and Lieux (Lou!) would be happy to have all four of you. You can clear out some unused storage stalls and set up double rooms for yourselves. He’s happy to have Kit around again – in fact, he recruits him for this purpose – as it means a reliable, capable guard who can also bring in quality game on a regular basis. That, and some side work as needed, and Lieux is happy to allow you to set up shop.

Renli could stay at the small local church of Aiomaedyn, if he doesn’t want to stay at the warehouse.

As for building a permanent pad, I will address that in a new Forum topic.

Riding the Storm Out

While out checking on the area and hunting, Kit will do some recon around the outlying homes and families southeast of Renlen. SIgns of thugs casing the places is what he’s looking for – this and anything else interesting.

Oh, and did any of our horses make it home?

Riding the Storm Out

So, Ezra approaches Tewey to restore the short sword, and see if he would be willing to make a breastplate for him. If so, how much for the work, or how much could he do? Also, Ezra wonders if he wouldn’t mind showing him techniques of blade and metal care? Obviously, he understands the basic concept, but tips and tricks from a Blacksmith.

Riding the Storm Out

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