Revolution Calling

along with somethings coming out of the mountain

Executive summary of what went on inside and next to the mountain:

  • The bottom of the pit seemed to be filled with an expanse of dull black fluid which turned to powder once removed from the pool
  • Imps, as you’ve taken to calling the shrunken beastie-men, set up a wooden frame of some sort, in which the hung what looked like a large glass globe, which they then beat on with sticks until it shattered, seemingly releasing a blast of arcane quasi-fire, which blew C&K out of the tunnel and back to where the horses were.
  • Later, when exploring the inside of the tunnel again, beasties attacked from the darkness, seeming to probe closer to the mouth of the tunnel. They were defeated.
  • After going outside again C&K were met by a 5-man squad of Hehlen, of the Scheef, (think FBI meets MIB). While trying to explain things to them another group of beasties, accompanied by a tall humanoid figure who looked somewhat like the “fire mage” from inside the “prison room” attacked from inside the tunnel. The beasties were killed and the figure retreated into the tunnel after a short fight during which the humanoid ineffectively used some kind purple fire magic.
  • Rolay Fenstr, commander of the Scheef team, arrested C&K for violating a list of laws and brought them back to Errlay, the nearest town to the east, where they were held overnight.
  • The next morning, while the Scheef troops were preparing to transport their prisoners eastward to Waywynn (C&K’s hometown, actually, and a larger settlement than Errlay), an angry crowd gathered and prevented their movement, forcing the men to release C&K.

Eglyn, the leader of the hooded men who seemed to be the animating force behind the town’s resistance to the law, agreed to send a few men with C&K and Blass and Turkel to head back toward Last Home to warn them and, before that, check on the status of the tunnel and whatever might be spewing out of it now.

Rolay Fenstr and his men trundled off in their wagon, steamed at being rebuked, and promising a “prompt and forceful response” from the law. It’s reasonable to expect that they will deliver the news to the Dahr in about a week, which means the clock is ticking down to what could be a harsh response by forces of the elves, or even some elves in fact.

C&K, with supplies, a wagon, and four others (Blass, Turkel, Flasch, and Tenshea) head off swiftly to the west, following the road they’ve traveled several times of late, trying to reach the tunnel before nightfall.

What supplies would you bring in the wagon? What are you going to try to accomplish, where, and by what means?


Even though I defeated the sorcerer at the tunnel, I lament with the group that we didn’t follow him and finish him off. He’s likely getting stronger and may want to wake up his buddies in the prison room.

For supplies, we want as much oil, lamps and torches as people will give us. The imps can see in the dark and we can’t. Also, as usual, I believe in burning the bastards up as often as possible. It continues to be effective.

When Dahr and Friends show up we’ll be in a bad position from dangers from the tunnel and from the east. If we can take the tunnel and imp village, we will only have one front to worry about. Unless we can find a way to send the imps and the sorcerer out to fight the Dahr and we wait to take out the winner. Though I don’t see a way to make that happen.

Revolution Calling

Upon cresting the low pass into the high valley where the cave entrance is, the six of you see a dull glow in the vicinity of the cave, which is out of view, with a hill between you and it. It’s late dusk, and the glow is probably too dim to be visible in the daylight, but you can see it now that you’re in the area – about 1/4 mile from the cave.

Concern, and maybe even a little fear, creeps into each of you as you move stealthily forward into the area, slowly, quietly trying to get close enough to see the entrance from a protected, concealed position. By the time you accomplish this, on the south side of the hill that separated the pass from the small valley, it’s almost fully dark, with only the slightest rim of fading sunlight from the tips of the western peaks. The purple glow has grown against the darkness.

Looking down into the open area around the cave – which is only about 120 feet wide, from the entrance to the cliffs to the south, and maybe 600 feet long from east to west – your group stares in quiet horror at the site below. Somewhere around 40 or 50 of the imps are around, some working at felling small trees while others seem to stand guard on the road, looking both east and west. In the small clearing in front of the cave stands the strange, tall, thin figure, seemingly directing the action before him (it?), with imps scurrying back and forth from him, carrying out orders. The area in front of the cave is being cleared, widened, and flattened, with the little creatures scraping away with shovels and picks. Felled trees are being dragged toward the cave entrance. It looks like the furious work is not that far along, as if the group has only been at it for a short period of time.

Throughout the small valley the echoes of tools and grunts can be heard.

Revolution Calling

“Well, shit.”

Revolution Calling

“Bugger me sideways!” exclaims Blass nearly under his breath. The others betray various looks of shock, disgust, and morbid interest in the active scene before them.

The imps were broken into four groups: one working to fell some trees opposite the cave; one working to clean up the area immediately in front of the mouth; and two groups on the road, one to the west and the other to the east.

The closer, eastern, group, was made up of 7 of the creatures, wandering slowly toward the hill on which the group was hidden. It would be probably 5 or more minutes before they made it into the general area of the hill, and could possibly be inclined to wander up the hill to where the party is hidden.

Revolution Calling

“Okay, let’s fall back. Once they come over the ridge we fill them with arrows. We can keep picking off small groups and then go for the big guy.”

Revolution Calling

“How well do they organize? How have you seen them fight?” asks Tenshea. The others seem solid at this point.

Note: the hill on which you’re hidden right now is about 100 yard from the crest of the pass, and there is nothing blocking the straight road between the two. The pass is low and the hills on either side, while rocky, are not that steep. The east side of the pass trails off slowly and has a few switchbacks, not due to slope but to large boulders and trees that prevented the cutting of a straight road there.

Revolution Calling

I have created a crummy map of the area, at this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxLeJnKmAy9PREE3aFYwUGIxbDA

  • The map is upside down, with south to the top and west to the right side
  • The blue line a the top shows distance and the general location of the lip of the steep slope to the south, which heads into a deep ravine with a river in it.
  • The hill on which you’re currently hiding is about 50 feet higher, at its peak, than the road.
  • The pass to the E/NE hits its apex at the edge of the map, and then slopes gently downward as it heads east.
  • The blob in front of the cave opening is where there’s a small group around the tall man, coming and going while he watches and points here and there…he’s the guy with the white truck and the clipboard, it seems.
  • All white areas are bumping, scrub-covered ground, unless noted otherwise here or on the map.
Revolution Calling

Flasch is a short, stocky guy with scars aplenty, and bearing that telegraphs “been there, done that.” While not cocky, he’s the sort who grunts derisively more than he speaks, and when he does speak it’s usually to say something grouchy, sarcastic, or gloomy. He does seem pretty competent, although the extent that it’s what he’s projecting or what he really is remains to be seen. He’s taken up a position a few feet away from the rest of you, and is watching the imp party on the road, his bow sitting next to him on the ground, and few arrows out and ready.

Tenshea carries himself as a leader, although he’s not asserted himself overly over the group, and instead has thus far worked alongside Kane and Corwyn, even though he’s older than them and is obviously one of the leaders of the resistance group.

Turkel and Blass are clearly concerned about their town and families, and their confidence seems bolstered by the presence of the other two men. They are comfortable with Kane and Corwyn, and have shown no fear in seeing the imps again. In fact, they both seem eager to kill more of them.

The sun is down; the moon has yet to rise; the sky is partly cloudy. The valley is bathed in a dull purple glow, about as bright as a single low-wattage bulb an otherwise dark basement – which is actually a lot of light, considering the lack of starlight at this point. The glow is brightest around the cave mouth, but does not have a single source; instead, it’s just…there.

Revolution Calling

Sweet map, Jeremy. I have a much better picture of the ground now.

“We can shimmy right up to the road where it turns north, and hit them as they come around the corner. If we’re lucky, we might be able to pick off another group the same way.”

Revolution Calling

The hill on which you’re situation has some trees on it, rocks of various sizes here and there, and scrub brush. Ditto for the terrain around its base and off the road. The road itself is cleared.

Revolution Calling

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