Liberty or Death!

the war at our doorstep

After escaping from the hidden valley and making their way back to civilization over a tough period of overland travel lasting weeks, the party learned several troubling things. First, the elves and their human troops moved into the territory and quickly arrested a number of people and executed some others. They have fully occupied Waywynn, Kane and Corwyn’s home town, and have left a smaller, but strong, force in Errlay, the town where they were arrested. Derryan, the ’burg the group first visited after coming out of the wilderness, has been paid a visit by the elves and Hehlen, but thus far have not been occupied.

Last Home was destroyed. Its people were either arrested, ran off, or were killed. The lands west of Errlay, beyond the Fairway Gap, have been declared off-limits, and all settlers on them must move to the east. Settlements in this area, including Last Home, are being forcibly removed and their peoples either arrested or forced east. Pockets of armed resistance have emerged, however a lack of organization in the short-term has hampered efforts to check the elves.

Spellcasters – the first seem in these parts perhaps ever – have made their showy mark by blasting houses, horses, and people here and there. The best estimate is that there are 5 or 6 of them, and they appear wherever they like, dropping the hammer on people as they wish.

As for Last Home, when you return there the next night, the four survivors have grown to 12, with some news of others who’ve set up shop farther to the west in the wilds. They are a mix of people, with only a few willing and in a position to offer assistance beyond taking care of the others. They are, to a person, angry, aghast, and fearful at what they saw and experienced, and are eager to have their story told, as it seems that no one knows what happened in their village.

You have a few obvious options, and there are certainly more things you could choose to do over a period of months through summer and into early fall. All of these could be done to some extent – it’s more a question of your priorities and goals.

  1. Help Last Home’s survivors establish themselves in the wilds to the west
  2. Get in contact with others from the east in order to get a handle on what’s happening in Errlay, Waywynn, and other places
  3. Try to bash open that rock wall to the mountain tunnel, or find another way back to the valley
  4. Scout areas to the east yourselves
  5. Engage the elves in…a fight? attempts at diplomacy?

I’ve got ideas about how the elves are going to proceed, and will add that information as summary material as you start making your own plans and taking action.


Diplomacy only works from a position of strength. We look like a band of thugs (which we are), so I don’t like that option yet.

I think you said that they were building some sort of barrier/border wall to the east. I think that is a good thing. It’s like they are locking themselves in here with us.

I want to start gathering info on the other resistance groups, to try and unify and come up with a plan and a date for the insurgency. Play “nice” for a while until the day when we overthrow our oppressors.

I’m wondering what the other “energized” guys are doing. Our abilities aren’t a secret, and how we got them shouldn’t be a secret either. We can’t beat them with numbers, so more super mutants may be the equalizer.

Liberty or Death!

Three months go by, and it is mid-summer. The barrier at the border is to keep people from going too far west – something like a Berlin Wall for the colony, with legal settlements to the east, under the protection of the elves and their stooges. Last Home is miles beyond the limit, and Errlay and Waywynn are also beyond the limits. Within a few weeks of where we left off, the people of both towns are being forcibly relocated to the east, albeit with promises of assistance in resettling in the form of modest payments, construction materials, and some favorable trade contracts for a few merchant families. Some are taking the deals; others call those people traitors. Fighting has broken out here and there, but nothing too significant.

A few partisan groups have formed, and there has been some contact between them. Are you a part of this? Some of them are connected with or led by the gents who accompanied you to the crater and were enhanced by the black goo.

There has been one larger fight between elven forces and rebels, with some of the ‘supers’ involved – were you in on this? It took place in early summer, when a wagon train of forced emigrants was stopped and liberated by ’Emrich’s Falcons,’ a group of rebels with two arcane casters, who blasted the elves with ice and some kind of wind power. Although there were deaths and injuries on both sides, and some civilians were hurt, the elves withdrew and a number of the people chose to go west into what are becoming scattered Hoovervilles in the wilderness – as well as possible bases of operation.

There have also been rumors of Hehlen spies among the population, which is likely. The elves, for their part, have not made any known forays out onto the frontier.

Liberty or Death!

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