Chase to the Hidden Mountain Town

Mountain_Valley_2.jpgLife, albeit twisted and somewhat menacing, had aggressively returned to the hidden valley, in the form of gnarled trees and dark, oily grass. The trail, mostly dirt but with ancient cobblestones showing through here and there, winds down from the cave and the metal gate, then down a little more before splitting, with one route heading uphill to the west and the ruined town. That path is flanked to the right by a rough, rocky slope, and what looks like marshy grass on the left. The route that parallels the lake coastline winds among newly-green trees, ending in a collection of ruined walls and footings next to the lake; this is where you believe you saw some movement. Another path leads up the hill to the town from there.

The air is still and cool, and yet heavy with the smell of soil and the growth of foliage, with a strange, faint metallic scent beneath it all.

Click here for a full-sized version. Note that the water is of unknown depth; grey hexes are inaccessible (too rocky or steep); and the tan hexes between the two roads leading to the town are also inaccessible – too steep and rough. The distance from your perch outsite the tunnel to the lakeside ruins is about 1/4 mile, and just a little less than that to the town ruins.

Numbered Locations on Large Map:

  1. Landing from outside cave tunnel
  2. Lakeside ruins, where you think you saw movement
  3. Ruined town, with open square in the center
  4. Ruins on island, about 130 feet out from the shore
  5. Slippery, slime-covered rocks sloping up from the low area next to the lake toward the town – probably hard to navigate



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