A Oral History of the Rebellion

Year One: Berenwoon

“It was terrible to see all those men killed, but they’d taken up arms against their own people, so what were we to do? Some of them surrendered, and of them many joined us, but the others…it was war.” – Layla Dareen, resident of Errlay and sergeant of the Liberation Army.

“I spent that winter in Waywynn, and damned if it weren’t the coldest winter we’d had in years. The elves and their lackeys took most of our wood, a fair amount of our food, and pressed us into service doing their labor. I hated them more each day, especially as they told us how much better things would be for everyone once the “reavers,” as they called the Liberation Army, surrendered. I worked for a time in the mess hall kitchen and pissed in the soup pot every chance I got." – Thomylnn Dexter, teenager from Waywynn and later soldier and then officer of the Liberation Army.

“We watched them fight their way into those buildings, and heard the sounds of the fighting from the street. Flynn and I held out as long as we could, keeping the alley dark and quiet, waiting for them, any of them, to make it out. Calathes and the Dahr had their own private guards staying with them, and I can only imagine the fight they put up – and the fight that our boys gave them. They killed Calathes, you know, and threw his body off the third-floor balcony. The Dahr died of his wounds later – I heard the elves reserved their healing magic for their own and let him bleed out. Serves him right. But I still wonder if there weren’t something else we could have done, me and Flynn, to help our guys. Don’t ever call me a hero – I came home alive.” Baxter Frayshrey, member of the decorated Breach Team at Waywynn and later commander in the Liberation Army.

“I’ll admit it: I joined the Hehlen for the pay and prestige it promised. 10 years in uniform and a steady, respectable job back in the city, or some guaranteed land sounded good to me when I was young. It wasn’t until I’d been in for a few years that the elves really turned on the colonies and started cracking down. I hated being part of that, but what could I do? Nothing when you’re in garrison, or when the elves and their magic slingers are around. There were a lot of us out there in the countryside in Berenwoon who wanted out, somehow, but just couldn’t find the opportunity. After Waywynn my platoon was out on patrol and we’d had enough. There were a few of our guys who really believed in what the elves told us, and our two elven officers were a tough pair. We were ambushed by a rebel group and I didn’t even think – I started firing at our officers and those few of ours who wouldn’t see reason. I hated going back on my oath and my word, but I felt like I’d already been betrayed by those I’d sworn myself to. It took a while before we were accepted and trusted, but I was happy to join the Army and fight for something right for once.” Burby Tekshannon, former Hehlen soldier, later sergeant in the Liberation Army.

“Rebel scum: that’s what you all are. You betrayed your allegiance to our leaders, who’ve for centuries cared for and guided the lesser, younger races on a path of civilization. Enjoy what you call your freedom now, as you descend into anarchy and bloodshed without a steady elven hand on your shoulder.” -Byshon Fenstr, former Rolay of the Scheef, currently serving a life sentence for war crimes.


“It didn’t feel like a victory when we limped back to Holler’s Hill. There’d been no word or sign of Torvan or his men, and we had no way of knowing if they’d succeeded or if they’d been cut down on the front doorstep. It’s true, we had blocked the Gap and burned their camp, but that felt like little more than stirring up the hornet’s nest. The real goal had always been Calathes and the Dahr, and with them still alive, and Torvan’s men dead, the walk home felt like a bitter defeat.

“When we learned that both the Dahr and Calathes had been killed by Torvan and his men — a weight was lifted from my chest. I don’t know what horrors they braved to complete their mission, but their bravery and sacrifice made the raid on Waywynn something to be remembered.” -Corwyn Tomlinson, on the Nine Tree Grove outside of Newhome

A Oral History of the Rebellion

You start our next session, regardless of game system, with action points or inspiration or plot points or whatever. Great stuff!

A Oral History of the Rebellion

The Liberators surrounded Waywynn that winter. Eventually, a parlay was established and the elves, with some of their human minions were allowed to leave, after the displaced families were allowed to return. After the exchange, the pass was made even more difficult by the earth movers and plant people.

A Oral History of the Rebellion

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